Wednesday Wishlist!

Well, me and my friend MP came up with these vlog/blog topic ideas. So one was Wednesday Wishlist!

Well I know it’s really close to Christmas and all but I’ll share with you guys what was on my Wishlist!

• I really need and new camera. my old one broke so I was asking my dearest mother to get my a Nikon d3100 or a D5100. either one was okay with me.
• Winter boots
• 5 People You Meet In Heaven, it’s a book. Well I asked for a lot of books.
• Wool socks, always a want.
• Fisheye lens
• Starbucks gift card
• Cardigans
• Sweaters

Thats all I can remember. I didn’t really ask for much this Christmas. All I really wanted was a new camera. This year I think me and my family are just going to stay at home on Christmas, we might catch a movie later that day. Some family usually comes over and eats dinner with us and stuff. But, tell me what you’re doing over your Christmas breaks! I hope you guys all have a great holiday season. And tell me what was on your Wishlist this year!


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