cute creations­čÉÜ



pray for Boston:
There was 2 bombings in Boston while a marathon was going on. 130+ people were injured, many amputations, 2 dead, including an 8 year old boy. please keep them in your prays.
pray for Venezuela:
Many bombing have occurred in Venezuela. I’m not sure what totally happened there, but please keep them in your prayers.
pray for Iraq:
there have also been many bombings here. please pray for Iraq. A lot of the people there are in really bad condition.
pray for Japan:
I believe there was 3 earthquakes there. please pray for Japan, they also have it really bad.

please just pray for all these countries. this has happened all in one day, although I believe the bombings in Venezuela happened yesterday, maybe still carrying on today, like I said I’m not sure. but please pray for all of these countries. they need it. it’s absolutely horrific seeing what has happened to all these countries in one day. please pray. it just brings me to tears.